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The PROJECT provides industry leaders in teaching, training and choreography.

Our classes are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

All PROJECT classes adheres strictly to the rules of healthy and safe practices, creating an environment where learning thrives in a secure and supportive atmosphere. We believe that fostering a passion for dance should be as enjoyable as it is beneficial, which is why we've crafted a safe space where fun and proficient education go hand in hand.



A pathway of music and movement while creating special memories of dancing, singing & laughter with a parent/caregiver.


Movement quality with an emphasis on style, rhythm and execution of body isolations, lines, progressions, leaps, turns and kicks. The PROJECT also explores styles of modern, broadway and commercial techniques.



Explore fundamental techniques such as contrasting dynamic qualities, floorwork, improvisation and partner work. The PROJECT builds a strong foundation in artistic exploration and expressive freedom by incorporating the boundaries and principals of commercial and traditional contemporary styles.


Technique and rhythm training of intricate footwork creating a percussion instrument out of the dancer's feet. The PROJECT uses BAL (Ballet Australasia) tap syllabus. BAL syllabus offers a sound tap technique building from the basics of shuffles and triples in junior grades, to riffs, wing, pick ups, turns, syncopation, and varied rhythm patterns in senior grades.

Ballet training forms the foundation of dance technique, characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures and steps. Dancers can expect to cultivate not only technical proficiency but also the artistry and expression synonymous with dance.


Old school, new school, real hip-hop. Students learn the roots of hip-hop culture, filled with popping, locking and breaking and freestyle. The PROJECT introduces students to the foundational elements of rhythm and creativity.


A fundamental dance acrobatic technique class, not to be mistaken by a gymnastics or traditional acrobatic class. The PROJECT dance acrobatics class focuses on fundamental skills tailored specifically for dance. Students learn handstands, elbow stands, cartwheels, backbends, walkovers, balance, flipping, partner work. The class is designed to accommodate each student's individual level of experience, ensuring a personalized and progressive approach.

Tailored for those seeking a holistic performing arts experience. This class is a combination of singing, acting and dancing. The PROJECT emphasizes stage presence and enhancing performance movement skills and character building.

Through dedicated technique exercises, stretch and technique refine the precision of your movements, enhance body alignment, and strengthen key muscle groups. Students will build the skills needed to complete the complicated progressions, turns, kicks and jumps required for safe dance technique and technical proficiency. 



The PROJECT voice/singing class introduces the fundamentals of singing as a group.  Students learn basic techniques, breathing, harmonies and cover a curriculum of different musical styles and genres.

Students engage in a comprehensive exploration of dramatic arts, mastering the art of scripting, delving into creative writing, embodying characters through role-play, and embracing the spontaneity of improvisation. Alongside these theatrical skills, the PROJECT drama class also nurtures an overall development of confidence.

The PROJECT casting class is the ultimate training or aspiring 'triple threats' for professional jobs and work. Students learn how to work in a professional environment consisting of dance, singing, acting and modelling. This class allows students to experience and gain opportunities and skills that help build their professional working resumes.



At The PROJECT, we believe in tailoring the dance experience to suit all individual students' capabilities and aspirations.

Our age groups serve as a guideline, ensuring an environment where dancers can thrive among peers with similar experiences. Students may choose to dance "lower" or "higher" based on teacher discretion. We empower students with the flexibility to choose classes based on their individual comfort and skill levels, allowing them to dance at a pace that feels just right—whether it's exploring foundational movements or challenging themselves with more advanced techniques. Our classes are thoughtfully designed to embrace a diverse range of experiences, fostering an inclusive atmosphere.


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