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"The best teachers, teach from the heart"

Miss Ebony 


Miss Ebony


Currently studying: Bachelor of Dance Education (Secondary)

  • Dance Studio Management 

  • Life Coach

  • LEVEL 1 Sports Trainer

  • Dan 1 Black Belt 

  • First Aid 
    + Basic Emergency Life Support
    + Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • Working With Children Check: WWC1014740E

  • Criminal Record National Police Check:  416 781


Miss Ebony has trained over 2 decades under the guidance of Diane Blaas, who she continues to train underneath her wisdom and expertise from childhood, to adulthood, to studio owner.

Miss Ebony specialises in styles Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Drama and Dance Acrobatics.

She is a performing arts Band 6 graduate from Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts.

Currently, Miss Ebony works at Amity Collage Shellharbour teaching Year 3 to 6 Dance and Drama. She also proudly worked as a Dance tutor at Wollongong High School of the Performing Art's teaching Year 8 to 10.


In 2019, she is the founder and creative director of  The PROJECT NETWORK AGENCY which connects brands and creative talent across various disciplines throughout the industry.

Lastly, her recent venture in 2023 is founder and creative director of PERFORMANCE TECHNICIAN which is specifically designed for tailored choreography and maximizing performance for artists. This also includes an educational blog for creative artists.

Miss Ebony possesses a profound commitment to education and development, evident in her unwavering dedication to creating valuable resources and fostering a supportive community and learning environment for her students.



Miss Ebony is a professional choreographer and dancer. See below her credits.



    American Pyscho at Rising Arts IPAC (IN PROGRESS 2024), Stars of Wollongong, Stars of Nowra, 'Lauren Order' Drag Queen, 'Polly Tickle Powers' Drag Queen, 'Roxee Horror' Drag Queen, 'Ellawarra' Drag Queen, Wollongong Council New Year Eve 'Alice in Wonderland',  'Boost Juice' campaign, 'Honey Birdette's' Valentines Day campaign, 'Strike Bowling' TV commercial, 'General Pants CO' TV commercial, 'DANCE BOSS' TV  commercial and first episode, 'Stand Up To Bullying - The Diana Award' campaign, 'Crosson' Rock Band, 'Cotton On Kids'  media commercial, 'The Boy From Oz', OLIVER! the Musical', 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', 'We Will Rock You' at
    the Roo Theatre.


    Jessica Mauboy music video, Samantha Jade music video, Ty Dolla $ign Sydney Big Top Concert, Jetty Road music video, Ocean Rhythms Music Festival stage performance for DJ 'Kinder', Queensland Tour Movie World, Dream World and Sea World, Candy Man by Wayne Scott Kermond, Southern Stars, School Spectacular, Regional and State Dance Festival.

  • ​​ACTOR:

    Netflix Original, Denzel Martinez music video, Scarlets Way music video, Target TVC,  Married at First Sight TCV, Luxe Listings Amazon Season 2 Featured Extra, The Twelve SBS Extra, Heartbreak High Netflix Extra, Paper Dolls Paramount Extra.


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